It is good to connect with you all again.

We apologise that we have not updated our website general information for a while. After relocating our home and OzFAME offices to 'The Ponds' (NSW) we have settled in to a beautiful environment. It is proving a splendid location residential and office.

Pauline is doing well and she refuses to let the difficulties with her legs set the agenda of her life. It is amazing all of the things she does in and around our local church as well as ministry commitments.

Life has slowed a little for us, but we want to assure all of our Prayer Partners and Friends that we so highly value you continuing to pray that extensive ministry opportunities will open for us. This year is our 50th Wedding Anniversary, and we are planning a special time away.

As a 'Faith Ministry' we have never felt comfortable issuing financial requests, but we want you to know how much we appreciate you praying for the Lord to provide financially and continue to open extensive new ministry doors.

Do let us know you're praying and share your personal news.

An exciting issue to note is that we have crossed 100,000 that have now gone through the special 4 part/session Marriage/Relationship Seminar (This is the full seminar, not just single sessions on marriage or relationships). If you are wanting information on this life-changing Seminar contact us on: Ivan & Pauline.


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