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The Other Face Of Conflict

Insightful material on managing conflict in your own life, marriage, family, church and business.

Be Someone Different Be Yourself

A powerful book written to women by Pauline. Dealing with Self Esteem; Life's Values; Doing & Being The Best; and God's Provisions.

As Eagles Fly

A beautiful coffee-table edition, sharing brief morning and evening devotions for married couples, from the positive promises of the Psalms.

Bread & Jam

Bread & Jam is a year long program of Daily Devotions with Journaling.

Living Outside The Box

Overcoming life's hurts, pains and dissapointments. Rising to your potential. Dealing with past issues.

Created Sexual & Enjoying It

A standard in Marriage/Relationship enrichment. Over 10,000 in print. It powerfully addresses every area of enrichment in a healthy growing marriage.

Claustrophobic Saints

Dealing with the personalities that build and those that destroy relationships and church life.

Ultimate Betrayal

Handling the sensitive issue of helping marriages, pastors/leaders and teenagers through moral failure. A key counselling text.

Don't Just Do Something Sit There

A masterful treatment of stress and burnout management. Applicable at every level.